Through his artistic practice, Pier Alfeo investigates cognitive and pathological problems caused by the intense relationship between human beings and automation systems in contemporary societies. His multimedia installations, sound sculptures and electronic musical compositions put the repetitiveness of mechanical-algorithmic automation systems under tension with the unpredictability of chaos. In this way, the rigid regularity of serial systems is interrupted and deconstruct from the inside, generating new configurations of meaning. 
Within these processes, sound acts in an organic way as a destabilizing and healing element at the same time, emerging with its irregular expressiveness.


Born in 1985, Molfetta, Italy
Currently living in Molfetta, Italy


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Pier Alfeo is a composer and sound artist working with electronic music, currently studying Composition, Musical Informatics and Multimedia at the Conservatoire of Bari. 

His practice as composer currently range from electronic music pieces, immersive audiovisual performance, sound sculptures and visual works related to sound agency. After living in many cities in Italy, he moved to Berlin where he acquired a wide recognition as a music performer by collaborating for various record labels, organizing events and performing at International events and festivals across the European countries and outside, such as Italy, France, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Cyprus, Serbia, Ukraine, Czech Republic and Kenya; sharing the stage with artists such as Robert Henke, Fennesz, Rashad Becker and many others. 

In 2019, he presented his first solo show “Incisione su Silenzio” at the Doppelgaenger Gallery in Bari. Between 2018 and 2020 he received the honorable mention for “Interferences Quartet” at the MA / IN Matera Intermedia Festival, has also been the “National Prize of Art 2019” section “Electronic Art”, the awarder piece featured in the exhibition PNA2019 and FISAD2019 at the Albertina Academy of Turin.


.education and training.

(pending) Graduation in Electronic Music Composition, Music Informatics and Multimedia at the Conservatory “N. Piccinni” of Bari, (IT).
Schoolmasters: Francesco Scagliola (Electroacoustic Composition), Roberto Pugliese (Multimedia)

Certificate in Machine Learning for Musicians and Artists at Goldsmiths University of London, via Kadenze Online Courses.
Schoolmasters: Rebecca Fiebrink

(masterclass) Certificate in “From music to sound, from sound to sonic ecology” at the Conservatory “A.Casella” of L’Aquila, (IT)
Schoolmasters: Makis Solomos
(masterclass) Certificate in “Music and technology, an always gratifying relationship” at the Conservatory “A.Casella” of L’Aquila, (IT)
Schoolmasters: Daniel Teruggi

(masterclass) Certificate in “Algorithmic Mathematical Composition” at the Conservatory “N. Piccinni” of Bari, (IT) 
Schoolmasters: Reinhard Febel

(seminar) Certificate in “Acousmatic Interpretation at the Acousmonium” of SILENCE space Bari, (IT) 
Schoolmasters: Franco Degrassi

Certificate in Sound technician Live/Studio at EMIT Feltrinelli Milan, (IT)

Diploma in Scientific and Technological High School of Molfetta, (IT)

.solo exhibitions.

INCISIONE SU SILENZIO [22.02.19 - 22.05.19] at Doppelgaenger Gallery of Bari (IT)

.group exhibitions.

CHAT WITH A STRANGER at "1 Metro Sotto La Metro" curated by Arianna Forte, Rome (IT) [10.12.21 - 12.12.21]
CC.BETA at Biblioteca Comunale 'Giovanni XXIII' for "DI MALE DI TERRA DI CIELO" curated by Lia De Venere, San Vito dei Normanni (IT) [6.12.2021 - 22.12.2021]
THE BLIND AGE at "Land, Water and Border" by Durjoy Bangladesh Foundation and Majhi International Art Recidency, Eindhoven (NL) [21.10.21 - 24.10.21]

INCISIONE SU SILENZIO at "Green iDeal" by Paratissima for "Biennale Tecnologia" Politecnico di Torino (IT) [12.11.20 - 15.11.20]
PRINCIPLE OF ORGANIZATION and INTERFERENCES QUARTET at CAMUSAC for Rilevamenti2, Cassino (IT) [02.10.20 - 10.01.21]
PRINCIPLE OF ORGANIZATION Installation at Blooming Festival, Numerical Arts and digital cultures, Pergola (IT) [11.09.20 - 12.09.20] alongside NONOTAK, Yasuhiro CHIDA, Maotik, Umanesimo Artificiale and more...
HOW LONG ALONE Digital Media at Art in Quarantine (Instagram) curated by Adriana Rispoli

PRINCIPLE OF ORGANIZATION Installation at PNA 2019 & FISAD 2019 [14.10.19 - 17.11.19] winner exhibition at Accademia Albertina of Turin, (IT)

INTERFERENCES QUARTET Installation at MA/IN Matera Intermedia Festival, CoMatera2019 Project of Matera (IT) alongside Cod.Act

HYPODERMIDE Installation at CONTEMPO of Conversano (IT)

.audio/video performances.

NODE15 Festival of Frankfurt (DE) : Dubit - BALANCED - Audio/Video Show alongside Robert Henke, 1024 Architecture, Davide Quayola
LiveCinema Festival of Rome (IT) : Dubit - BALANCED - Audio/Video Show

FLUSSI Festival of Avellino (IT) : Dubit - BALANCED - Audio/Video Show
alongside Clock DVA, Demdike Stare, Fennesz + Lillevan, Roly Porter, Rashad Becker etc...

Homework Festival of Bologna (IT) : Dubit - Water Circle - Audio/Video Show

.main electronic music performances and live electronics.

Pier Alfeo - AS_CLAIMED Live at MUNDI Festival, Music and Innovation, Sannicandro di Bari (IT)

Pier Alfeo - Live Electronics at KLANG, Rome (IT)

MakerArt at MAKER FAIRE ROME - The European Edition - “SLAVERY OF A SHADOW” Art and Sound Performance, Rome (IT)
FLEE Project Recidency - Electronic Music Performance at Diamond Beach, Kilifi (KE)
FLEE Project Residency - Electronic Music Performance at Alliance Francaise, Nairobi (KE)
FLEE Project Recidency - Electronic Music Performance at Temple, Nairobi (KE)

MASQ Maq’ad of Sultan Qaitbey in Cairo (ET) : Dubit - OCCULTUM - INVENIES - Compositions Performance for Architectural Projection Mapping
STRANGE UMBRELLAS #20 at IKLECTIK Gallery of London (UK) : Pier Alfeo - All that fall - L’Epilogo della crisalide - The never spoken words - Compositions Performance for Audio/Video Performance
CAVO Festival of Trani (IT) : Dubit - ALCHEMISTRY - Hybrid Live Performance
VOICES (Flutes+Voice+Live Electronics) at Like a little disaster Gallery of Polignano a Mare (IT) - Live Electronics
VERSO SUD Festival of Corato (IT) : Pier Alfeo - COVARIANZE - Hybrid Live Performance

CASTEL DEI MONDI Festival of Andria (IT) : Dubit - ENVIRONMENTAL - Live Electronics alongside Mike Cooper, Fabio Orsi curated by Backwards Records
SILENCE Festival at Cittadella della Scienza of Bari (IT) : Pier Alfeo - Acousmatic Interpretation
MEDIMEX at Spazio Murat of Bari (IT) : Dubit - Electronic Music Performance curated by Backwards Records

TheRestIsNoise at “Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ” of Amsterdam (NL) : Dubit - ENVIRONMENTAL - Live Electronics alongside Murcof, Dadub

TouchDesigner Meeting at Strudio R of Berlin (DE) : Dubit - Hybrid Live Performance alongside Claudio PRC

UNUSUAL from Matteo Farolfi at Galleria del Carbone of Ferrara (IT) : Dubit - Live Electronics

.main electronic music / electroacoustic compositions.

Original Music Composition for “AMAZON DANCE” Contemporary Art Performance by “Nico Angiuli“ , EMAP, Onassis Stegi

Original Music Composition for “ANASTASIA” Contemporary Dance show by “Equilibrio Dinamico“ Dance Company

Original Music Composition for “YELLOW LIMBO” Contemporary Dance show by “Alessandra Gaeta“ 
Pier Alfeo - Il seme dell’astio

Pier Alfeo - The never spoken words

Pier Alfeo - All that fall

Pier Alfeo - L’ epilogo della crisalide

.main discography.

EXTRA MUROS (Compilation, Vinyl, Digital)
Pier Alfeo - CAGLIARI | Soundwalk (Digital Download)
Pier Alfeo - WORKS 2016-2018 (One-Side White Vinyl) Ricerca Sonora

Fabio Orsi / Pier Alfeo - Split (Lathe, LP, Ltd) Backwards Records

Dubit - VITRIOL (CD, Album) Backwards Records

Claudio PRC & Dubit - The Coexistence Patterns (LP, Album)

Dubit - FRAGMENTI (LP, CD, Album) Several Reasons Recordings

Dubit - BALANCED (CD, Album) Concrete Records


2021 / 2022
Sound and Media Art laboratory, Fondazione Mondo Digitale at Istituto Comprensivo B. Grimaldi – L. Lombardi - CEP, Bari

2020 / 2021
Sound and Media Art laboratory, Fondazione Mondo Digitale at Istituto Comprensivo B. Grimaldi – L. Lombardi - CEP, Bari

.selected pubblications / appearances.

"Art and Technology in the Third Millennium. Landscapes and Protagonists", ELECTRA, by Cesare Biasini Selvaggi and Valentino Catricalà
"222 Artisti Emergenti su cui investire - 2021", EXIBART, by Silvia Conta and Cesare Biasini Selvaggi


ExibartPrize 2020

PNA 2019 “Premio Nazionale delle Arti” at Conservatory “A.Casella" of L'Aquila (IT)


Call _ "Green iDeal" by Paratissima, Turin (IT)
Prize _ "Dynamic Display" at Biennale Tecnologia, Turin (IT)
Call _ "BloomingYou" (Call) at Blooming Festival, Pergola (IT)

Prize _ "Electronic Arts" section, PNA 2019 “Premio Nazionale delle Arti” at Accademia Albertina of Turin (IT)

Honorary Mention _ in "Sound-Art Installations" at MA/IN Matera Intermedia Festival, CoMatera2019 Project of Matera (IT)