ph~ Annamaria La Mastra


Speakers, linear actuator, Arduino, copper, plexiglass, wood, iron, microphone, computer


60 x 60 x 66 cm


Kinetic sculpture, sound installation, interactive automatism based on noise pollution.

[Carvings on Silence]


The work consists of a system which measures the sound intensity of the surroundings and then transcribes it into a carving on a sheet of copper.

The system is composed of a speaker, upon which burins are anchored and carve the framed copper sheet thanks to the pneumatic motion produced by the speaker. The sheet is hooked to binaries which allow it to move horizontally with the help of a linear actuator. This way it’s possible to obtain a carving throughout the whole sheet, which will resemble a sonogram.
The movement of the speaker determines the features of the “sonogram”, and it’s made with an ad-hoc software which analyzes the presence of “sound pollution” and transmits back an infrasound frequency.


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