During an undefinied lapse of time,several events happen in the outside environment.
These phenomena are read and developed by the nervous system through a large number of synapse.

This complex mass of chemical signals is received and read in different ways by the two cerebral hemispheres. Sometimes the interpretation differences are slight, other times they are more dramatics.

The more these perceptive contrasts accentuated, the more the personal contradictions increase.
The contradictions are the whole of the feelings that cause malaise and emotional unbalancing inside the human soul. The arising of these negative sensations generates the wish to come back to an utopic balanced asset that,given the human imperfection, will never be possible to achieve.

The performance is based on the musicians improvised action.
Like the neurons of a nervous system, they produce dynamic signals and send them variable toward a computer/brain. The computer, programmed to simulate the two cerebral hemispheres, tries to build up an uni-vocal and specular representation of the perception but, because of its innate ambiguity, the image will never be balanced.


concept by Alfeo Pier and Davide Di Franco 

audio/ Dubit (aka Pier Alfeo): BALANCE / Concrete Records Album CD 
video/ D!D!F (aka Davide Di franco): NABLA STEREO SYSTEM


45m 00s


FLUSSI '14 Festival | Avellino | IT 2014

NODE '15 Festival | Frankfurt | DE 2015

LiveCinemaFestival '15 | Rome | IT 2015

Set up

NABLA visuals are frozen frames from a environment generated flow. They represent an attempt to create a metaphysics based on abstract rules: the code and the audio analysis. The NABLA is actually a custom made algorithm that creates complex 2D self-organized systems. It is based on audio analysis blended with a perpendicular growth digital rule.