CD, Digital Download | 2014

Record Label

Concrete Records






Experimental, IDM, Electroacoustic, Musique Concrète


CA004 - Whomademylastpoetry feat. Dubit - BALANCED will be distributed only on our bandcamp store and will be limited to 100 copies, hand tagged. 

#1 - The Day After 03:53

#2 - Balance 02:25

#3 - An Other Chance 03:47

#4 - Parallel Section 05:30

#5 - Oxigen 07:18

#6 - Awake Not Here 02:57

#7 - Signals 04:24

#8 - Return 05:31

    - Total 35:45

"This Concept Album is used to mean a point between two personality from unknown origins, that is desirable over purely one state or the other, such as a balance between the metaphysical Law and Chaos — law by itself being overly controlling, chaos being overly unmanageable, balance being the point that minimizes the negatives of both."


concept by Alfeo Pier and Davide Di Franco
sound by WhoMadeMyLastPoetry / Dubit (aka Pier Alfeo)
video performance a/v by d!d!f - NABLA STEREO SYSTEM
videoclips by Kanaka Project & Juan Hurlè